Shock Da World/Melting Minds Show!!!

Shout out to Is Shock Harris, Shock Da World and Melting Minds show. Starting 10/22, Brassy records will be spun on Powerhouse 106 FM in Tampa, 96.7 FM in Tampa, WNDO 109.9 FM in Miami, WHTL 95.2 FM in Cleveland, KPMD Witchita and Hip Hop Muzic Hub in Kansas, LA\’s On the Rise Radio in Cali, Hood X Radio in Chicago, KIEE 88.3 FM in Louisiana, KOCZ 94.9 in Louisiana, 95.3 JAMZ FM in Jersey, LMG Radio in Arizona, THC Radio in Las Vegas, NDAMIX in San Antonio, We Got Da Jamz Radio in Jersey, and AUN Radio in Kansas City. POW!

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